Mt. Kerinci

Mt. Kerinci is the highest volcano in Sumatra island. its about 3,805m above sea level. the creates wall is of 600m x 580m, the temperature is about 5'C on the top of Mt. Kerinci and visited but climbers from town especially to celebrate the independence day of Indonesia Republic and New year. To reach the top of Mt. Kerinci can be seen on cleardays billowingsmoke and steam from its rocksrewn summit.
At 3,805m, Gunung (Mt.) Kerinci is Indonesia’s highest non-Papuan peak, and the highest volcano in SE Asia (actually the highest volcano in all of Asia east of Iran and west of the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia).
It takes a good eight hours, depending on your fitness level, to reach the summit. Generally, people start their climb early in the morning and set camp at one of the shelters near the tree line. In the darkness of the next morning, they scramble up the scree towards the summit for another two hours to greet the rising sun and unsurpassed views of the surrounding area.
Climbing the mountain is not the only thing Gunung Kerinci is good for. Its forested slopes are famous amongst birdwatchers and provide primary habitat for a slew of other creatures, including the Sumatran tiger.