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Kerinci Adventure & Culture

Mt. Kerinci 3805m Asl, Lake Kaco, Geopark Rafting (Grade 4), Geopark Museum, Rumah Tuo, Bukit Tinggi.

- Day 1 (L,D): 
Transit from Padang Airport to Kerinci Homestay at 10 AM for 7 / 8 hours, passing through the beautiful scenery of Atas and Bawah Lakes in Solok, Minangkabau traditional house. Lunch by the lake or with a lakeview.

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- Day 2 (B,L,D):
After breakfast at Kerinci Homestay, the trip will proceed to Shelter 3 (Camping Ground) Mt. Kerinci for 7 / 8 hours and rest in Shelter 1 for lunch.

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- Day 3 (B,L,D):
Wake up early at 3 / 4 AM for breakfast before going to the summit. After having breakfast which has been prepared by the porters, the trip will go on to the summit for 2 / 3 hours, passing through Batu Gantung and Yudha Monument. After an hour at the highest summit in Sumatera, the trip will continue again to Shelter 3 (Camping Ground) for one and a half hours. Breakfast will be at the Camping Ground and followed by preparation to go back to the homestay.

- Day 4 (B,L,D):
After breakfast, the trip will proceed to Lake Kaco Lempur which takes approximately 3 hours by passing through the Adat Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur Forest for 2 hours and Kerinci Seblat National Park Forest for an hour. During the trip to Lake Kaco, there will be 2 resting posts, which are Post 1 and Post 2. After an hour of enjoying the beautiful nature of Lake Kaco, the trip will continue again to Lempur Village and Siluang Bersisik Emas Waterfall. 

- Day 5 (B,L,D):
After breakfast, the trip will proceed to Air Batu Village for an hour (by car) followed by the preparation for rafting. This rafting has been categorized as Level 4 (Grade 4) which traverses the Geopark Area and the Area of Wood Fossil, Pandanus Fossil, Fern Fossil, and Shell Fossil from 250 million years ago for 3 / 4 hours.

After rafting in Geopark Area, the trip will continue to Merangin Geopark Museum to see the historical heritage of Merangin. Next, the trip will go on to one of the oldest villages in Merangin to see old Melayu buildings and the other historical heritage of Merangin.

After visiting old village in Rantau Panjang, the trip will continue to the Historical City of Bukit Tinggi.

- Day 6 (B,L,D):
After a morning shower and breakfast, it will be time for City Tour which includes a visit to Gadang House, Gadang Clock, Japanese Cave, Kelok 9, and shopping time. After visiting the Historical City of Bukit Tinggi, the trip will proceed to Minangkabau Airport to check-in at 11 / 12 AM.

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Minimum 10 pax
Maximum 25 pax

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Merargin River rafting in the rapids, the most comprehensive in the world Geopark

Wanted rafting around dinosaur fossils older than 250 million years ago? ...

Want to see all the fossil logs or giant fossils of marine animals such as shellfish that sticks in ancient rocks millions of centuries ago? ...

This is not a figment. It's real. The location was the presence in streams located in the districts Merangin Merangin Jambi Province. Caravan Parks Merangin a fault Geopark most complete and intact in the world, due to the location of Merargin River Geopark unique flora and fauna are known as aquatic plants. Though the location is situated in the center of the island of Sumatra, which is far from the shoreline.

Merangin and protected area geology and Objects of Cultural proved previously also been a center of the ancient Malay kingdom in the 4th century AD. Wow!

Perhaps there is a different atmosphere of rafting that you never find anywhere else (depending on different difficulty levels). There are several rafting destinations in Indonesia such as: Alas River, South Aceh; SungaiAsahan, North Sumatra; Trunk Tarusan, Sumatra; Sungai Manau, Jambi; Citarik River, West Java; Serayu, Central Java; Ayung River, Bali; Sa'dan River, South Sulawesi etc.

Along the river bank and river Mengkarang Merangin you will be treated to a lot of wood and fossil remains of plants and shellfish printed in sedimentary rocks of petrified lava and volcanic ash ancient mountain. That Geopark Merangin or Merangin Earth Park in Jambi.

Quite 4-5 hours from the city of Jambi, tired you can pay off with a destination that only three in the world, because Geopark Merangin including Earth Garden Geopark complete than that of the United States and China. Cool, huh? ...

The length of river rafting was used as a location about 10 km, and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. So, what are you waiting. Prepare yourself to get to the destination 'dinosourus' Geopark Merangin, rafting cool among the rocks and fossils of ancient past exotic and riveting.

Wat'saap : +6281366319255

HUBUNGI KAMI : Wat'saap : +6281366319255