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Kerinci Adventure & Culture

gunung Kerinci 3805m Asl, Danau Kaco, Geopark Rafting (grade 4), Geopark Museum, Rumah Tuo, Bukit Tinggi.

- Hari I (L,D) : 
Jam 10.00am Transit dari Airport Padang ke Kerinci Homestay selama 7/8Jam yang melewati pemandangan Indah Danau Atas Danau Bawah Solok, Rumah Adat Minang Kabau. Makan siang di Pinggir Danau atau Danau View.

By : Dany

- Hari II (B,L,D):

Setelah sarapan pagi di Homestay Kerinci melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Shelter 3 (Camping Graound) Gunung Kerinci selama 7/8 jam dan istirahat di Shelter 1 untuk makan Siang (Lunch).

By : Dioluftfi

- Hari III (B,L,D) :
Bagun pagi jam 3/4 pagi untuk sarapan sebelum summit. Setelah sarapan yang di sediakan oleh Porter dilanjutkan perjalanan menuju Summit selama 2/3jam yang melewati Batu gantung dan tugu Yudha. Setelah 1 jam di Puncak tertinggi sumatra melanjutkan perjalanan kembali ke Shelter 3 (camping Ground) selama 1jam 30menit. Sesampainya di camping Ground di lanjutkan dengan sarapan dan persiapan kembali ke Homestay.

- Hari IV (B,L,D) :
setelah sarapan pagi melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Danau Kaco Lempur yang perjalanan lebih kurang 3 jam yang melewati Hutan Adat Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur selama 2 jam dan Hutan Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat (TNKS) Selama 1 jam. Selama perjalanan menuju Danau Kaco, kita juga akan melewati 2 pos peristirahatan yaitu, Post 1 dan Post 2. Setelah 1 jam menikmati indahnya alam Danau Kaco melanjutkan perjalanan kembali ke Desa lempur dan mengunjungi Air Terjun Siluang Bersisik emas.
Sesampainya di Homestay di lanjut dengan makan malam dan persiapan menuju Kota merangin selama 3/4 jam perjalanan dan istirahat di merangin Hotel..

- Hari V (B,L,D) :
Setelah sarapan Pagi dilanjutkan menuju desa Air Batu selama 1 jam perjalanan (mobil) dan persiapan untuk Arum Jeram (Rafting ). Arum Jeram ini sudah termasuk kategori Level 4 (grade 4) yang melintasi Area Geopark dan kawasan Fosil kayu, Fosil Pandan, Fosil Pakis, Fosil Kerang yang berasala dari 250 juta tahun silam selama 3/4 jam.

Setelah berarum jeram di area Geopark dilanjutkan menuju Museum geopark merangin untuk melihat peninggalan sejarah negri merangin. Senjutnya menuju ke salah satu Desa tertua di kabupaten merangin dan melihat bangunan melayu tua dan peninggalan sejarah merangin.
Setelah berkunjung ke desa Tua Rantau Panjang di lanjutkan menuju Kota Pra sejarah Bukit Tinggi..

- Hari VI (B,L,D) :
Setelah mandi pagi dan sarapan dilanjutkan City Tour yang mengunjungi Rumah Gadang, Jam Gadang, Goa Jepang, Kelok 9, dan shoping. Setelah mengunjungi kota bersejarah Bukit Tinggi dilanjut menuju Bandara minang Kabau untuk Cek in pesawat sekitar jam 11/12 siang..
- Say goodbye.....

Minimal 10 pax
Maximal 25 pax

Contact Us :
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Ig : @explorekerinci



Towering over the Sumatran landscape, Mt. Kerinci demands respect. At 3805 meters tall, it’s the highest active volcano in Southeast Asia, and even rises above the iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan. Trekking up its forested slopes, protected in the Kerinci Seblat National Park, is extremely challenging as there are no switchbacks – it’s just straight up to the top along a ridge trail. But the views at the top are truly unbeatable, making the struggle and sweat worth it.

Day 1 - Up into the Clouds

Leave your lodging in the morning to begin your climb with a guide & porter. On the way to the trail head, don’t forget to turn around and see the incredible view of the beautiful Kayu Aro tea plantation, rice fields, the Rawa Bento wetlands, and Mt. Tujuh off in the distance. Once in the forest, be on the lookout for Yellow-handed Mitered Langurs (our endemic, orange leaf monkeys), lizards, and birds. You’ll hear the enchanting song of Siamang gibbons, and if you’re really lucky, you might even spot a family of them. After about 8 hours of hiking you will make camp.

Day 2 - On Top of the World

Before the sun rises, scramble an additional two hours up the scree and rubble until you reach the crater. Bask in the views. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see lava bubbling far below in the bottom of the crater, and on a clear day you can see all the way to the Indian ocean to your west. Congratulations, you’re now the tallest person on Sumatra! After a little while, carefully make your way back down the mountain, making your way out of the jungle after about six hours.

Day 3 - Sungai Penuh
  • After breakfast, Visit the sugar processing ‘factory’ (really just some people in a shed pressing and boiling raw sugar cane juice).
  • Explore the coffee farms that are switching over to organic Arabica coffee with the help of a local NGO.
  • Walk through the endless green tea fields and take a tour of the old Netherland tea factory in village of Bedeng VIII (Delapan).
  • Eat lunch in KORINTJI HERITAGE cafe, in the Town of the Pungai Penuh.
  • grab a Bendi (horse drawn carriage) through the old neighborhood of  Pondok Tinggi filled with traditional Kerinci longhouses. Head to the nearby Mesjid Agung. Built in the traditional style in 1874, it’s the oldest mosque in town, and still actively used.
  • up to Bukit Khayangan or hike up the hill behind Sungai Penuh to get a beautiful view of the Kerinci valley from Mt. Kerinci in the north, to Lake Kerinci in the south.
  • In the late afternoon, head to Bukit Sentiong on the edge of town for the grilled corn stands and a nice view of Sungai Penuh and the Kerinci valley at sunset.
  • In the evening, visit Pasar Malam, the carnival-like night market, to eat Martabak, Sate, and other lovely street foods.
  • Drive up to Bukit Tapan at night for some wildlife spotlighting
  • Back to Hotel..

Day 4 – Kerinci Lake and Lempur Village
  • In the morning Visit the lively Pasar, or wet/dry market, in the center of town. Get some Sarabi and other goodies for breakfast.
  • head to the village of  Pulau Tengah on the edge of  Kerinci Lake. Meet up with some fisherman there for some canoe rides and to watch/participate with them as they fish.
  • Stop for lunch at one of the restaurants that sits atop or next to the lake, Don’t forget to pick up some Dendeng Batokok, grilled beef strips from heaven native to the area.
  • Head further south to the hills around Lempur to see traditional house.
  • Explore the village of Lempur and the nearby lake of Danau Lingkat to take a ride on the bamboo rafts, see The Nepenthes and enjoy the scenery.
  • Head to the village of Lempur  and meet your host family
  • In the evening, follow a local honey hunter as they harvest honey from wild Indonesian honeybees.
  • Meet up with your host family in Lempur and turn in for the night.

Day 5 - Lempur Village
·         After breakfast, Visit an English class at the local high school in the village.
  • Head further south to the hills around Lempur to see cinnamon farmers at work and or Cinnamon Process.
  • head to the rice fields to watch the farmers plant and harvest the Lempur heirloom rice Beras Payo. Participate if you want to get your hands dirty!
  • lunch at one of the Local restaurants
  • Explore the village other highland farms in the area that produce Tomatto, potatoes, chilis, etc.
  • Visit the house handicrafts from bamboo and lern how to make.
  • Head back to your homestay for dinner together with your family.
  • In the evening, visit art galleries of traditional dance, and you can also join and lern for dancing with them..

Day 6 – After breakfast Back to Airport and Say goodbye to Lempur

 Contact Us :
+6281366319255 (whatsapp)