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Kerinci Adventure & Culture

gunung Kerinci 3805m Asl, Danau Kaco, Geopark Rafting (grade 4), Geopark Museum, Rumah Tuo, Bukit Tinggi.

- Hari I (L,D) : 
Jam 10.00am Transit dari Airport Padang ke Kerinci Homestay selama 7/8Jam yang melewati pemandangan Indah Danau Atas Danau Bawah Solok, Rumah Adat Minang Kabau. Makan siang di Pinggir Danau atau Danau View.

By : Dany

- Hari II (B,L,D):

Setelah sarapan pagi di Homestay Kerinci melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Shelter 3 (Camping Graound) Gunung Kerinci selama 7/8 jam dan istirahat di Shelter 1 untuk makan Siang (Lunch).

By : Dioluftfi

- Hari III (B,L,D) :
Bagun pagi jam 3/4 pagi untuk sarapan sebelum summit. Setelah sarapan yang di sediakan oleh Porter dilanjutkan perjalanan menuju Summit selama 2/3jam yang melewati Batu gantung dan tugu Yudha. Setelah 1 jam di Puncak tertinggi sumatra melanjutkan perjalanan kembali ke Shelter 3 (camping Ground) selama 1jam 30menit. Sesampainya di camping Ground di lanjutkan dengan sarapan dan persiapan kembali ke Homestay.

- Hari IV (B,L,D) :
setelah sarapan pagi melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Danau Kaco Lempur yang perjalanan lebih kurang 3 jam yang melewati Hutan Adat Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur selama 2 jam dan Hutan Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat (TNKS) Selama 1 jam. Selama perjalanan menuju Danau Kaco, kita juga akan melewati 2 pos peristirahatan yaitu, Post 1 dan Post 2. Setelah 1 jam menikmati indahnya alam Danau Kaco melanjutkan perjalanan kembali ke Desa lempur dan mengunjungi Air Terjun Siluang Bersisik emas.
Sesampainya di Homestay di lanjut dengan makan malam dan persiapan menuju Kota merangin selama 3/4 jam perjalanan dan istirahat di merangin Hotel..

- Hari V (B,L,D) :
Setelah sarapan Pagi dilanjutkan menuju desa Air Batu selama 1 jam perjalanan (mobil) dan persiapan untuk Arum Jeram (Rafting ). Arum Jeram ini sudah termasuk kategori Level 4 (grade 4) yang melintasi Area Geopark dan kawasan Fosil kayu, Fosil Pandan, Fosil Pakis, Fosil Kerang yang berasala dari 250 juta tahun silam selama 3/4 jam.

Setelah berarum jeram di area Geopark dilanjutkan menuju Museum geopark merangin untuk melihat peninggalan sejarah negri merangin. Senjutnya menuju ke salah satu Desa tertua di kabupaten merangin dan melihat bangunan melayu tua dan peninggalan sejarah merangin.
Setelah berkunjung ke desa Tua Rantau Panjang di lanjutkan menuju Kota Pra sejarah Bukit Tinggi..

- Hari VI (B,L,D) :
Setelah mandi pagi dan sarapan dilanjutkan City Tour yang mengunjungi Rumah Gadang, Jam Gadang, Goa Jepang, Kelok 9, dan shoping. Setelah mengunjungi kota bersejarah Bukit Tinggi dilanjut menuju Bandara minang Kabau untuk Cek in pesawat sekitar jam 11/12 siang..
- Say goodbye.....

Minimal 10 pax
Maximal 25 pax

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The Bukit Duabelas National Park in the province of Jambi is a relatively small park among Indonesia’s large national parks. Covering only 60,500 hectares, the Park was only recently established in the year 2000, mainly to allow the regrowth of secondary forests and to protect the home of the forest people known as the Kubu, sometimes called Suku Anak Dalam or orang Rimba. European anthropologists have called them Kubu bat since this is felt to be demeaning, tribe members call themselves Orang Rimba meaning People or Children of the Jungle.

The northern part of the Park is primary jungle, but the remainder are tracts of land that were formerly deforested, or were production forests that have now been reforested and allowed to revert to tropical rainforests. The Park is in fact a most important water catchment area for the province.  

Bukit Duabelas, literally translated meaning the Twelve Hills, is a lowland park with undulating contours. This is the habitat of some of Sumatra’s endangered species including tapirs, gibbons, clouded leopards, sun bears, wild cats and crested serpent eagles.  There are also endangered plant species. 

The Orang Rimba or otherwise known as the orang “Kubu”,  are an isolated tribe who have lived within these jungles for years and have continued to live the simple life from nature. There are several theories and legends as to who they are and where they come from.

One story relates that when the Sultan of Palembang (now South Sumatra) held continuous feuds with the Sultan of Jambi, the Jambi Sultan asked for help from the Sultan of Pagaruyung (now in the province of West Sumatra), who then sent soldiers to Jambi.  On their way to Jambi a group of  the Minangkabau soldiers lost their way in the dense jungles and never found their way out. They then established themselves here, living a simple life in the Jambi jungles.

Another story says that the Kubu were pirates along the Indian Ocean, who sought refuge in these rainforests.

Another ethnologist, however, believes that the Orang Rimba are Wedoids similar to those living in the southern Indian subcontinent, who can be identified by their tall posture, curly hair, rather dark skin and deep set eyes. These could have been soldiers, mercenaries paid by the Sultan of Jambi in the fight against the Sultan of Palembang, who have later stayed and settled in the territory.

The Anak Dalam tribe lives in and from the forest, and survives chiefly on hunting, gathering, agriculture and fishing.

Today, a number of travel agents in Jambi offer tours to visit the Anak Dalam of Jambi in the Bukit Duabelas National Park.


To visit the Park one best stay two or three nights. There are no hotels in or near the park but there are simple lodgings available for visitors.

To get to the Park, you must first fly to the province’s capital city, Jambi.  There are regular flights from Jakarta, Medan and Batam to Jambi. The Park is some 180 km from Jambi’s airport, and it takes around 5 to 6 hours’ drive to reach the park.

To enter the National Park, you must first have a permit from the Park’s authorities. Travel agents can obtain your permit, guide you through the Park and visit the village of the Anak Dalam.



Merargin River rafting in the rapids, the most comprehensive in the world Geopark

Wanted rafting around dinosaur fossils older than 250 million years ago? ...

Want to see all the fossil logs or giant fossils of marine animals such as shellfish that sticks in ancient rocks millions of centuries ago? ...

This is not a figment. It's real. The location was the presence in streams located in the districts Merangin Merangin Jambi Province. Caravan Parks Merangin a fault Geopark most complete and intact in the world, due to the location of Merargin River Geopark unique flora and fauna are known as aquatic plants. Though the location is situated in the center of the island of Sumatra, which is far from the shoreline.

Merangin and protected area geology and Objects of Cultural proved previously also been a center of the ancient Malay kingdom in the 4th century AD. Wow!

Perhaps there is a different atmosphere of rafting that you never find anywhere else (depending on different difficulty levels). There are several rafting destinations in Indonesia such as: Alas River, South Aceh; SungaiAsahan, North Sumatra; Trunk Tarusan, Sumatra; Sungai Manau, Jambi; Citarik River, West Java; Serayu, Central Java; Ayung River, Bali; Sa'dan River, South Sulawesi etc.

Along the river bank and river Mengkarang Merangin you will be treated to a lot of wood and fossil remains of plants and shellfish printed in sedimentary rocks of petrified lava and volcanic ash ancient mountain. That Geopark Merangin or Merangin Earth Park in Jambi.

Quite 4-5 hours from the city of Jambi, tired you can pay off with a destination that only three in the world, because Geopark Merangin including Earth Garden Geopark complete than that of the United States and China. Cool, huh? ...

The length of river rafting was used as a location about 10 km, and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. So, what are you waiting. Prepare yourself to get to the destination 'dinosourus' Geopark Merangin, rafting cool among the rocks and fossils of ancient past exotic and riveting.

Wat'saap : +6281366319255

HUBUNGI KAMI : Wat'saap : +6281366319255